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Aqua Fitness at CBay

Aqua-Fit classes offer you something different to a traditional gym workout and you’ll really see a difference in your overall health and fitness. There are huge benefits to be gained from exercising in water, for people of any size, shape, weight, fitness and experience. Exercising in water can ramp up your fitness and muscle tone, but it's also a good option for anyone recovering from an injury, or who is nervous about sustaining one, as well as for less fit folk keen to start exercising.

Swimming itself, even at a gentle pace, will burn about 400 calories in an hour. Aqua Jogging will burn up to 690 calories per hour. Doing other exercises in the water, such as participating in an AquaFit class, can be a much more effective workout than doing the same on dry land. Water is 800 times denser than air, so we have to make more effort, and therefore expend more energy, to move about in a pool. See Timetable for classes.

The CBay Aqua Fitness classes are free with a premium membership, plus casual rates available too.

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Phone: 03 684 CBAY (03 684 2229)