• Monday to Fridays 5:30am - 9pm
  • Weekends 7am - 7pm
  • Public Holidays 7am - 7pm


All facilities are now operating at normal pre-Covid levels. Hydroslides, Chillax & the kids water play area are now open to the public.

Public swimming will now also be available during Learn2Swim and Squad sessions, however lane space is limited during these times – Monday to Thursday 3.30pm to 5.30pm and Saturdays 8.30am to midday.

If you do feel sick, or are feeling any signs of a cold – coughing, fever please stay home. Let’s keep everyone safe, so we can stay at Level 1.

At Level 1 contact tracing is now a recommended, but not compulsory requirement. So we do have the Covid QR Code available for those who would like to scan in when they visit.


Today: 14th Jun 2021

This Week

  • Les Mills & FIT Series TimetableLes Mills & FIT Series Calendar
    Time Class Duration
    06:00 am GRIT Series N/A
    06:15 am RPM 3 hours
    09:15 am BodyBalance N/A
    09:15 am Sprint N/A
    10:15 am Tone 45 minutes
    05:00 pm GRIT Series 30 minutes
    05:30 pm Core 30 minutes
    06:00 pm BodyAttack Express N/A
    06:00 pm RPM N/A
    06:30 pm BodyPump 30 minutes
  • Aqua Fitness TimetableAqua Fitness Calendar
    Time Class Duration
    8:45am AquaGentle 40 minutes
  • Bookings & Lane TimetableBookings & Lane Timetable Calendar
    TimesMain PoolProgramme Pool50m Outdoor Pool
    5:30-7.006 Lanes FreeOpenClosed
    7:00-8:006 Lanes FreeOpenClosed
    8:30-9:00OpenAqua FitnessClosed
    9:00-9:30OpenAqua FitnessClosed
    9:30-10:00OpenAqua FitnessClosed
    10:00-10:30OpenAqua FitnessClosed
    12:00-12:307 Lanes FreeOpenClosed
    12:30-13:007 Lanes Free1 Lane FreeClosed
    13:00-13:307 Lanes Free1 Lane FreeClosed
    13:30-14:007 Lanes Free1 Lane FreeClosed
    14:00-14:307 Lanes Free1 Lane FreeClosed
    15:30-16:003 Lanes Free1 Lane FreeClosed
    16:00-16:303 Lanes Free1 Lane FreeClosed
    16:30-17:003 Lanes Free1 Lane FreeClosed
    17:00-17:303 Lanes Free1 Lane FreeClosed
    17:30-18:003 Lanes FreeOpenClosed
    18:00-18:303 Lanes FreeOpenClosed
    18:30-19:003 Lanes FreeOpenClosed
    19:00-20:005 Lanes FreeOpenClosed
    20:00-21:006 Lanes FreeOpenClosed
  • Hydroslide Timetable
    Day Session Time
    Friday Session 1 4pm to 6pm
    Weekends & Public Holidays Session 1 10.30am to 5pm