• Monday to Fridays 5:30am - 9pm
  • Weekends 7am - 7pm
  • Public Holidays 7am - 7pm
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CBay Learn 2 Swim Terms & Conditions

  1. The programme fees must be pre-paid before the start of the Term.
  2. Lessons are non-refundable unless CBay Learn 2 Swim cancels a lesson and the alternative option is not suitable to you.
  3. It is the responsibility of the customer to attend the lessons agreed at the start of the programme. CBay Learn 2 Swim enforces a no refund policy. In the case of exceptional circumstances, such as serious medical incapacity, credits are considered. Credits are limited to 3 lessons and a medical certificate is required. If your child is sick and you present us with a doctor’s certificate no later than 7 days from the certificate date, you may be eligible for a credit. Credits are not transferable.
  4. Shorts and T-shirts are not to be worn as togs by pupils.
  5. Pupils with long hair are expected to wear a cap.
  6. All pupils who are not toilet trained must wear an aqua nappy whilst in the pool (regular nappies are not to be worn).
  7. Please do not attend lessons if your child has suffered from diarrhoea within the last two weeks.
  8. For children aged 8 years and under parents and caregivers are required to be in attendance at all times whilst your child is in the pool.
  9. Parents or caregivers are required to be in the water with infants 3 years or younger at all times.
  10. You are asked to notify the Swim School team of any medical conditions or disabilities to allow the swim school to provide the correct tuition and assistance and support.
  11. By enrolling in to the programme you are agreeing to abide by any rules and policies of Caroline Bay Trust Aoraki Centre.
  12. Conditions are subject to change.

For further information please contact the swim school team on (03) 687 7721.